Virtual Art Island

Cubic A creates a 3D Virtual Art World for all art participators, not only bringing exceptional exceptional experience to the audience, but diversifying and maximising incomes of art practitioners.

Cubic A Metaverse

An art community embedded with real-time communication system, which engages with art lovers, art collectors, artists, curators, auctioneers, galleries, and art institutions, allow them to share and exchange info and support each other. Every participator will have their own virtual space to display art and host events.

NFT Certificate

Cubic A adopts blockchain technology which will create a digital ID for every artwork. The digital ID will be stored on the blockchain. It ensures the authenticity, provenance and potential digital economic value of artworks. The ownership will be transfer along with the original artworks.

NFT Token Exchange

Minting NFTs with ERC-20, while using ERC-721 tokenize NFTs. Users can 1) purchase tokens to have partial ownership of NFTs; 2) purchase tokens in Cubic A token trading market and 3) sell owned tokens to other collectors. Cubic A trading market will provide real-time transaction info.

A way out of the "winner takes all" market for emerging artists.

Cubic A’s metaverse is for every artist that needs a platform to show their talents, your creativities and imaginations speak for yourself. You can easily set up your own gallery/studio and host exhibitions, communicate with your fans and manage income and royalties.

Protect the ownership and activate the hidden value of artworks.

The NFT not only ensures artworks’ authenticity and provenance, but unlocks the digital value of art pieces. You can tokenise your NFT in our platform and sell them to investors, or simply buy tokens of artworks you like. The NFT tokens can be traded easily in Cubic A NFT Token Exchange with real-time information.

Demo of the Cubic A mataverse

Be the first one to experience the new dimension of art appreciating, socialising and trading, plus other complimentary benefits as the pioneer.

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